Ikea France

  • Logistics Building 130,000m², 8 cells 12,000m² 14m height, 2 silos 12,000m² 34m height
  • ICPE building with derogation
  • 20KV Loop Power, 20/0.4KV 4x1250KVA Transformation, TN-C-S Neutral Mode
  • 10 thousand meters of cables U1000R2V, 40 TD 160A, GE Mobile, Corrugated Currents, Lightning Protection
  • Fire detection system with multi point detectors (27 km of suction pipes)
  • Centralized Technical Management of about 1,000 points; Field Network MODBUS, UTL and Remote I/O Modules.

Fos-sur-Mer – Bouches-du-Rhône

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