Euroelec-Smart Energy’s vision is to become a worldwide reference in terms of adapted, innovative and efficient solutions, in the domains of friendly environment energies.


Our skills

The high-level company’s skills of the Euroelec-Smart Energy team, allow our customers to approach the most essential questions of today and the biggest energy challenges of tomorrow.

Our team

A multidisciplinary team of designers, sociologists, anthropologists, architects, economists, engineers and researchers puts the accent on the  customers’ need to propose them the most adapted solutions.

Our missions

Euroelec-Smart Energy supports you in all the stages of your projects

      • LEED-Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (construction, operation and maintenance of green buildings)
      • Design engineering
      • Feasibility study in software engineering
      • Diagnosis, Audit, Expertise
      • Project management
      • Technical and design management
      • Scheduling, Piloting, Coordination
      • Commissioning
      • R & D innovation
      • R & D nanotechnology and renewable energy
      • R & D smart energy


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