Solar Energy

Euroelec-Smart Energy has a solar skill branch. We work on photovoltaic systems in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, either from private or public sector.

In the tertiary sector and the industry, we are specialists of the installations on roof, integrated or put. Euroelec-Smart Energy realizes all of preparation (geographical, climatic, setting-up), coordinate the operations with the suppliers of network (Enedis, …), oversees the works of installation and accompanies the exploitation and the maintenance of the power plant.
We also realize for the existing power plants Repowering.
The repowering is a technique allowing to modernize a PV power plant in service (department). It allows to improve the yield(efficiency) and the power.
It concerns all the projects having a positive ROI(KING) with term of a few years:
New investments or optional loads(responsibilities);
Cost cutting of maintenance.
These studies are accompanied with a schedule of realization and with a financial study.

In the residential, our concern is to answer as well the energy needs for the building(ship) as the architectural expectations(waits). Our solutions go from PV tiles, PV glaze to  SmartFlower recently proposed by ERDF

Euroelec-Smart Energy and its partners are able to guide you through all the stages of your photovoltaic installation, from technical and economic studies to the exploitation and the management of your generators.

Euroelec-Smart Energy is present in the photovoltaic market for more than 10 years in all conception, maintenance and central exploitation on roofs for DC/AC installation, inverters and monitoring.


  • Consulting and study of technical and economic feasibility: site selection, solar irradiation study
  • Realization of feasibility study with geographic and solar information system tools (PVsyst, PVgis, Solarcalc etc…)
  • Management of administrative processes linked to the development and the construction of a PV plant (urban planning authorization, request of legal regulation / technical and financial proposition, junction convention, ERDF junction)
  • Study and conception of DC, AC, high and low voltage grids.
  • Coordination of execution construction, reception and commissioning.
  • Management of the various subcontractors participating in the project (suppliers, installers)
  • Global financial management of the project, from the feasibility study to the project execution management.


General and electrical preventive maintenance:

  • Yearly physical interventions in plants
  • Verification of regulation conformity of the installations
  • Respect of the contracts signed with the clients and the electric suppliers (such as EDF and Enedis)
  • Recommended maintenance operations commissioning and verification
  • The general status control of the equipment mainly relate to :
    • Visual analysis of the plant and its equipment
    • Cable channel verification (wires, connectors, signalization)
    • Tests and measurments (IV curve)
    • Yearly maintenance of DC/AC equipment, transformer station

Thermography study

The thermographic control is done once a year on roofs and in the machine rooms.


Production monitoring

The monitoring systems offer to follow, deferred by a few minutes, the plant production and thus to detect issues, manage and optimize the energetic performance of the PV installation. The monitoring is also realized according to ERDF count data. The main goal of monitoring is the optimization of the plant performance.

The main analysis are:

Data analysis of production, voltage, current, frequency, alarms and result interpretation;

Comparison of effective and expected production based on PVsyst simulations, including the irradiation values measured on site;

Calculation of the availability rate and monthly PR;

Comparison between the expected and the effective daily production;

Update of the monitoring system alarms

Engineering and repowering

Repowering is a way to modernize a PV plant currently in service. It allows to increase both yield and power of the installation.

Analysis and test of components in accredited labs – Learn more in our brochure on PV module performance test

Dynamic regulation of the reactive power (cos phi)

Study, optimization and repowering of PV generators

It affects all projects with a positive ROI due in a few years:

New investments or optional charges;

Reduction of maintenance costs.

These studies come with a realization planning and a financial study.


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