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Design & Engineering

Major actor in engineering, Euroelec-Smart Energy covers a large intervention domain, from public sector to private sector. Solutions brought to our customers are mainly: Assistance with project management, Diagnostics, Audit, Project management, execution Studies, Scheduling, Management and Coordination.

Design & Realisation of turnkey projects

Euroelec-Smart Energy is the specialist in decentralized renewable energy production: wind, solar, biomass, hydro and hybrid solutions.
Euroelec-Smart Energy advices solutions in order to fulfill essential needs of developing countries in matters of production and distribution of renewable energies for the following applications: Health, Education, pumping system for drinking water, irrigation and telecommunications.

Euroelec-Smart Energy advises renewable energy solutions, from design to construction, with the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by deacreasing energy consumptions without limited live comfort.

Euroelec-Smart Energy also works for the developing countries with renewable energy solutions to answer the essential needs like production and distribution of the solar energies for the following applications: public health, Education, System of pumping of drinking water, Irrigation and Telecommunications.

Renovation & Energy efficiency in building

Euroelec-Smart Energy offers solutions to existing buildings in order to accomplish an energy transition towards low consuming buildings. Sustainable building’s adaptation goes also through digital tools. Architects and engineering offices are in the front row of an industrial revolution, the one of “Building Information Modeling (BIM)”.

Euroelec-Smart Energy offers you a strategic partnership for renovation and the improvement of the energetic performance of the building through energy audits, recommendation aiming to optimize the use, the exploitation and the intelligent management of the equipment.

Research & Developement

Innovation is a key factor in economic competitiveness. Investment in research and development in the field of new energies solutions is a major asset for the deployment of expertise to develop a market and services of the company Euroelec-Smart Energy.
Working hand to hand with Carnot institute, Euroelec-Smart Energy explores the new technologies for applications in the management and the green energy saving.
At the moment, Euroelec-Smart Energy works on innovative and integrated solutions allowing to supply the water, the electricity and the networks in isolated regions.

Nanotechnologies and renewable energies

Euroelec-Smart Energy optimises energetic efficiency and develops renewable energies through nanotechnologies.
Euroelec-Smart Energy’s goal is to develop renewable energies from solutions based on graphene and nanotechnologies.

Graphene has many extraordinary properties, including the electrical, optical (the transparency for graphene covers a wide range of the optical spectrum, from infrared all the way to ultraviolet), thermal properties, etc. The very unique thing here is that all these properties are integrated in one material.
Graphene has a high potential in both fundamental research and applications. Graphene is just a form of carbon, which is the 4th most abundant element in the universe. So it is abundant, cheap, ecofriendly and sustainable.

Innovation is the key for Euroelec-Smart Energy’s objectives.

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