Smart Grid

A Smart Grid is an electricity network which effectively integrates the actions of all connected users: producers and consumers, in order to give an electrical energy reliable and safe in a technical, ecological and social point of view.
Intelligent and communicating management of the network conceived by Euroelec-Smart Energy employs innovative products and services in order to optimize the whole energy system.

It is also through its branch of Research and development that Euroelec-Smart Energy is going to develop the innovations and to translate them into solutions of network management.

« The energy systems (electricity, gas, heat, cold) intelligent allow to answer four challenges of the energy transition »

The energy efficiency through the control of the demand(request) with active consumers in the fine control (master’s degree) of their consumption;

The optimization of the investments in the networks of distribution and transport via the use of new equipment which offer them a bigger flexibility;

The massive insertion of ways(means) distributed by renewable production, in particular the occasional productions on electricity networks;

The addition of battery-driven vehicles on electricity networks via the problem of management of the load(responsibility).

(Source: Ministry of the Environment, the Energy and the Sea/Ministry of Housing and of the Sustainable Housing environment)

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