It is a cohabitation between agricultural production and photovoltaic electricity production on the same surface.

Installation of solar panels on agricultural sheds as our project of: Construction of a single-slope metal agricultural shed in kit with a photovoltaic installation of 118kWp integrated into the roof connected to the electricity grid ENEDIS.

Marble technology is put in place, so that the implanted panels can be controlled in real time.

The structure of the hangar is built 4 or 5 m from the ground for the better circulation of agricultural machinery. Everything is installed in such a way that there is no impact on the environment, without concrete and without polluting the soil.

Generally speaking, farmland is far from the power grids, so with this solar power generation, it meets the energy needs of farmers. They are keeping their commitment to the energy transition.

The benefits of Agrivoltaism:

  • The control of the panels when there is too much sun for the plantations makes it possible to reduce thermal and water stress thanks to a shadow effect.
  • Improving product quality.
  • Installation of protective nets in the orchard: hail, insects, wind.
  • Protection from climate change.
  • Lengthening the life cycle of plantations, such as vines.

For more information, we invite you to join us on June 14-16, 2021 for the second edition of the “AgriVoltaics 2021” conference, presented by the Fraunhofer Institute, which through its ISE solar energy systems has created technological foundations to provide energy efficiently while respecting the environment.

AgriVoltaics 2021 aims to bring together the scientific community and establish international exchanges to advance technology.

Participate in conferences amplify our know-how and our savoir-être.

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