Euroelec-Smart Energy also proposes the mission of Coordination SSI (fire safety system).
She established the following ones stages:

  • Study and diagnosis of new installations. Euroelec-Smart Energy’s intervention allows to insure. The implementation of the mission of SSI coordination for existing or new systems, installed in application of the Functional Specifications established in design phase after the needs analysis
  • Diagnosis of the existing ones, audit in fire security and master plan of the safety planning.
    – Evaluation of the capacity of the “Existing ones” to receive a project of renovation or restructuring.
    – In audit, analysis of the administrative situation of establishments regarding the requirements set by the regulation (honoring the maintenance contract, periodic control, studies on the closing of the reserves emitted by the administration or the bodies approved).
    – The master plan of safety planning allows to formalize, by means of the missions in audit and diagnosis, the schedule of the required works to secure the establishment in both existing and occupied sites.
  • Fire prevention and consulting in regulations. These missions relate to :
    -Writing of safety notes for the security services and assistance with thee relations with the construction permits issuers.
    -Smoke ejection studies in accordance with IT 246 on new or existing works such as PV pannels installation or impermeability renovation.
    -Studies of means to provide assistance like systems of gas extinction.


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